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  • Gardening expert shares the ‘best temperature’ for the festive houseplant, poinsettias.
  • Extra large floor vase with artificial flowers
  • Christmas Flowers & Plants
  • How to keep a potted christmas tree alive all year
  • Poinsettias: Gardening pro shares ideal temperature for festive houseplant
  • Christmastide greetings – in flowers
  • How to keep your poinsettia looking good. It really can survive until next holiday season
  • What Does the Poinsettia Have to Do With Christmas?

Gardening expert shares the ‘best temperature’ for the festive houseplant, poinsettias.

Q: I have quite a few indoor plants and I am not really good at remembering when to water. Any ideas how I could help the plants retain water a bit better? I am trying to improve my watering skills. A: Many indoor plant owners find their watering skills NewsBreak Contributors Publishers Advertisers. Sign in. The Oakland Press. Community Policy. Related Real Simple. The third requirement, the growing medium, is a broad category that can include soil, peat moss, clay pebbles, and even just water.

Water propagation is a common practice many people utilize to increase their plant collection. However, growing your plants exclusively in water is possible as long as you fulfill a few simple requirements. If you stick to these easy-to-care-for plants that grow in water, you won't need a complicated hydroponics setup. The best part: if you get tired of growing plants in water, all you have to do is pot them up in soil. Even though most plants need light to grow, fortunately, there are plants that grow in indirect sun — so when choosing your indoor garden be sure you have one of these!.

Some plants crave the sun, but others Mistletoe — famous for stolen holiday kisses — is a parasite that steals water and nutrients from other plants A parasitic plant with potentially poisonous berries might not sound like something that would boost your Christmas decorations to the next level.

Like Comment Share. Mercury News. The Real Dirt — Christmas cactus, cactus from the rainforest Imagine a mountainous and remote rainforest along the ocean coast. Whisps of fog drift through the trees as cascades of colorful flowers sweep down from plants perched high on the tree limbs. In the Southern Hemisphere this plant blooms in May autumn ; in the Northern hemisphere it blooms during the winter holidays, hence its popularity as a Christmas gift. Tree Hugger. Bare outdoor areas can be instantly transformed with some tall greenery in giant tubs, climbing vines, hanging blooms, and a few smaller plants in quirky-cool pots for interest and whimsy.

The possibilities are endless! The best way that small growers and home gardeners can help combat this is to shop local plants, and local seeds for sale, from local companies. Not to mention local seeds are genetically agreeable to your exact location! The plants may Jacksonville Journal Courier.

How to grow and care for amaryllis Amaryllis are popular plants, both as gifts and as decorations during the holidays. They are a great way to add a splash of color indoors. Amaryllis come in a variety of flower colors, ranging from red, salmon, pink, purple, and white to bicolor, and are often striped or mottled. These indoor plants will brighten up your space during the winter months If you're new to the zeitgeist-y hobby that is plant parenthood, consider starting small by cultivating an indoor garden.

From there, the sky or your square footage is the limit! An Easy Approach to Pruning Japanese Maples The first trees appeared on earth about million years ago, and they did just fine for many millennia before humans arrived on the scene. How to Protect Plants from Frost Whether a plant can handle frost depends on its native range. If you garden in a climate where the temperatures drop below 32 degrees F, for anything that you plant in garden soil, it is best to select plants adapted to your local climate.

You need to keep an eye on the weather and protect them from frost if necessary. Will overwatering drought-tolerant plants result in less nectar? Ask an expert As gardening season ends, you may be planning for next year or looking back on this season with questions. To ask a question, simply go to the OSU Extension website , type it in and include the county where you live. Here are some questions asked by other gardeners. Originally from Africa, the roselle is now grown throughout the tropics and subtropics and is an important agricultural crop in east Asia, Africa and southeast Asia.

I was first introduced to roselle plants 10 years ago while researching resilient food-producing plants that my children would eat willingly, and for the last 10 years my family has looked forward to the harvest each fall. Your guide to buying a compost bin A compost bin is a must-have for any home gardener with the outdoor space to accommodate one. Not only does compost help your pots and borders thrive, but composting is also a green way to get rid of food and garden waste.

The UK wastes around 9. The Observant Gardener: Amaryllis is a Winter Beauty There are many choices for growing flowers in the winter, such as crocus, hyacinth, paperwhite narcissus and tulips. These bulbs, which are widely available at garden centers and through catalogs, are easy to grow. Among these many choices, my preference is the amaryllis. It is a reliable plant to grow indoors, with large and attractive blooms.

Winter is the very time when we need their colorful flowers and green foliage in our lives. I have tried many different types of amaryllis bulbs over the years, all with pleasing results. Once the magic of the holidays wears off, it's all snow, cold weather and gently scraping ice off your windshield. And with the pandemic ramping up in many areas, this How to Care for Strawberry Plants in Winter Strawberries, unlike other small fruit such as blueberries, are herbaceous plants without any woody parts, and that makes them less resistant to cold temperatures.

If you want to grow strawberries in USDA zone 5 or below, you need to protect the plants during the winter, otherwise they might die or suffer severe injury from the cold, often resulting in no or poor harvests next season. When you're ready to give it a try, here are some top indoor garden systems to consider. Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links.

Ratings and prices are accurate and items are in stock as of time of publication. There are many reasons why leaves on tomato plants could turn yellow. One cause is a lack of light, so be sure to put tomatoes in full sun. Another cause could be too much or too little water, which can occur in compacted soil and can be solved by working to aerate the soil. Many of the causes expanded on below include virus, fungus, or bacteria as well as nutritional imbalances in nitrogen, minerals, and alkalinity, Yellowing of older leaves may show a lack of nitrogen N , yellowing of new growth a lack of sulfur S , yellowing between veins a lack of potassium K , and yellow leaf edges a lack of magnesium Mg.

Read on to learn about many of these diagnoses and solutions. Get the app. Add comment 1.

Extra large floor vase with artificial flowers

This number makes up nearly a quarter of all potted plants purchased every year. By January, most folks end up with a pot full of twigs and a layer of crunchy, faded leaves. Poinsettias are actually quite easy to care for after the holidays, and with a little extra effort next fall, you can enjoy their crimson leaves every December. Read on to learn how to keep your poinsettia healthy and putting out new growth for the rest of the year. The first thing we need to talk about is the part of the plant that turns red. We often assume these red leaves are flowers and refer to them as blooms. The colorful leaves on the plant are actually called bracts and are not the flower.

Make a gardener happy by gifting them a new tool, a unique plant that will spark some inspiration, or an introduction to a new hobby- like.

Christmas Flowers & Plants

Patti or Peter works well. Maybe poinsettias really can hear. The beautiful red or multi-colored flowers are really modified leaves called bracts. The green poinsettia leaves begin to change color in the fall and get red by Christmas. Poinsettia growers fool Patti into thinking it is time to bloom by manipulating the length of the day. Then in early August you can do this by putting Patti into the closet every night at dinner and take her out in time for breakfast. First you need to clean out the closet!

How to keep a potted christmas tree alive all year

Radio Iowa — With all of the things worrying Iowans as we approach the end of , one expert says we can put concerns about poinsettias out of our minds. While there are long-standing rumors about the red-and-green flowers traditionally associated with Christmas being deadly if eaten, registered nurse Tammy Noble NewsBreak Contributors Publishers Advertisers. Sign in. Community Policy.

Locally grown, ready to color up your garden.

Poinsettias: Gardening pro shares ideal temperature for festive houseplant

They are tough to find! Pets, pests, and problems t a time when flowering plants are few and far between, the Christmas cactus comes into its own. Too much sun can result in Christmas Cactus Care. You can place plants in a dark closet from 8 pm-8 am each night for weeks or until you see buds forming. Christmas cacti benefit from a little fertilizer now and then. Because The term "Christmas Cactus" is used to generalize a family of plants that are all related and look similar but that do have slight differences including the time of the year when they bloom.

Christmastide greetings – in flowers

Living plants have become an essential part of holiday decor. They add a festive pop of color and help usher in the holiday season. But, as we put …. Read more on miamiherald. Looking for a good Christmas quiz for family and friends? You've come to the right place. Christmas is the perfect time to host a fun festive quiz with a tasty tipple or two, of course. No time to make

Make a gardener happy by gifting them a new tool, a unique plant that will spark some inspiration, or an introduction to a new hobby- like.

How to keep your poinsettia looking good. It really can survive until next holiday season

As gardeners, we tend to stay loyal to tools, products, and practices we know and love. That might be a shovel that has seen 15 seasons of gardening, some gloves that are ripped at the seams, or a pair of our favorite pruners that might have been left outside during a few too many rainstorms. Make a gardener happy by gifting them a new tool, a unique plant that will spark some inspiration, or an introduction to a new hobby- like bee keeping!

What Does the Poinsettia Have to Do With Christmas?

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Every year, just after Thanksgiving, it emerges en masse at nurseries, big-box retailers, fundraisers, and holiday parties. To find out, The Hustle talked to poinsettia growers, breeders, salespeople, and historians. Indigenous to Southern Mexico, the poinsettia or cuetlaxochitl was first used by 14th-century Nahua people for dye and medicinal purposes. Delivered weekdays plus a bonus Sunday feature. Unsubscribe whenever.

The Christmas cactus can be kept outside during the summer months, just place it in a semi-shady location, and provide it with regular cacti care of watering and feeding.

The Christmas poinsettia, Euphorbia pulcherrima, is one of the most popular Christmas houseplants. It is possible to keep the plant through the year. When in bloom, what appears at first sight to be flowers are actually bracts. In simple terms, bracts are brightly colored leaves to attract pollinating insects and birds. The bracts surround the small, normally yellow flowers at the centre of each growth. If the poinsettia is over-watered, the colorful bracts are often the first part of the plant to visibly suffer. In their native habitat and in areas that do not experience any frost, poinsettias are perennials that can grow as high as 10 feet tall.

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