Landscape design frederick md

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Landscape design frederick md

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent many, many hours thinking about what you’d do if you were to win the lottery. Of course, we’d all be happy enough to become the King or Queen of Anything, right? You’d have to have a few homes, a huge amount of land, and some pretty serious money. But what about a different kind of reality? What if you could change the world, and actually get to do some good in it?

So… what if your dream was to design the best landscape in the world? What if you could build a greenfield site, somewhere where no one had ever gone before? The thing is, of course, that we can’t take a whole load of money from somewhere and just go building as we see fit. We’d need a grant, or some kind of other financial support, and we’d need some expertise. Fortunately, my job allows me to work with some very talented people, and I’m working with a brilliant project this week.

If you want to know what we’re doing, it’s all about landscape design and planning. This involves lots of meetings with the council, lots of meetings with the developer, the architect, and a range of other key players in the project. The landscape design involves a lot of thought, and some very important decisions. But the final landscape plan is always dependent on the funding, so…

…so we’re on the hunt for a big chunk of cash, to buy some of our time, and maybe set up something a bit more permanent, before we start the project. The only problem is that we’re not the only ones looking for a chunk of cash, and I need to convince some of the other companies to donate some cash too. So, if you’re thinking of donating anything, then it would be good to know what you’re giving, because it would make me much easier to convince.

If anyone knows anyone who would donate, please do! You can use the online form or email this blog post to all the companies I know. So, please do! Let me know. I know there are a few companies and funders in the community who are really keen to fund something like this.


Liam, and your team

If you’re a company or a funder or anything, you know who I am and how to contact me. So, do it. I’d be really grateful, but even if you’re not that keen on money, you’d still be doing me a massive favour!

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About Liam Murphy

Liam Murphy is a landscape architect. He's been doing the job since 2009, working for landscape architects in Scotland and London. He's also got his own practice based in Scotland, which he runs with his wife, Clare.

He started this blog to keep himself inspired when designing, but have been working on it for over a year. Now he's hoping it can inspire others to use his love for plants as part of the process of being creative.

Liam is an advocate of people-powered design, where a team, whether local, national or international, works together to create a shared vision and purpose. He’s also a strong believer in open source design.

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